Social Networking Management

Create leads

SalesDriven has integrated with Social Media Management platforms
to bridge the missing link between CRM and Social Media. SalesDriven
enables your business via these platforms to establish and maintain
strong customer relationships. Social Media Management platforms
can help you drive new revenue by empowering your sales team in
the social media ecosystems.

With SalesDriven on Social Media you can

Attract Leads, Interact & Listen to your leads,
Build and nurture relationships,
Provide personalized content and solutions,
Convert to Sales

According to a new commissioned study conducted by
Forrester Consulting, Social Selling: A New B2B Imperative,
98% of sales and marketing leaders see value in social
selling in the short and long term.

With a Social Media Management platform you can create
low barrier of entry features to capture new leads.

You can create contests such as

Activity history for leads & contacts

SalesDriven excels in keeping all the activity of your leads and customers.
The target always remains the same, the sale!

Activity history is used to profile your leads and thus provide effective
marketing campaigns. One fit all marketing usually spams and caused
damage to your brand. Personalized campaigns based on profiling has
proven to be an effective way to convert leads and expand on existing customers.

Let SalesDriven help you create a customer journey.

Timely lead engagement

You need to reach your leads when the time is right. When a lead has
interacted with your business, either via Social Media, email, web form
or web chat, you need to be able to act fast, or else the hot lead may
not exist anymore.

SalesDriven helps you scale up this solution
and serve automatically many concurrent leads.

Customer Support

Customer Support most of the time needs a personalized solution.
When the load is high it must be distributed and optimized so that your
support team can excel in what they do best. Help Customers.
With the increasing amount of inbound channels, customer support
must be ready to respond and record all events under the customer’s account.

SalesDriven can help you be best at customer service!