Order & Product Management

Order Management

SalesDriven is a multiuser environment that allows the placing of orders easily and effectively.

Order can have different statuses and set automation processes in between statuses such as, Order Saved, Order Placed, Order Dispatched and Delivered.

Performance metrics on order processing show time consumed to complete each Order Status and to completely fulfill an order.

Orders can have additional

  • Notes for easy internal communication.
  • Events such as an incoming phone call from a customer which can be recorded automatically in the order when the Telephony module is enabled.
  • Automatic issuance of invoices and send directly from CRM.
  • Reminders to specific users for specific tasks.
  • Order History
  • Financial status of the customer

Customer Pricing Plans

SalesDriven understands that each customer is different and many times you need to offer pricing which is based on order history and volume.

SalesDriven offers setting up company plans to automated order processing per customer, per order, per time period and per many other criteria. Nothing is set in stone, SalesDriven is highly adaptable to your business process.

Customer Portal

SalesDriven offers a fully customizable customer portal which in essence offers to the customer the ability to interact with your company easily and saving you many work hours.

Quotes & Proposals

Creating proposals and quotes can be a taunting task. Salesdriven allows the import of products in
.doc, .pdf, image format and with an easy drag and drop functionality quotes can be generated with ease.
SalesDriven allows integration with popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Drupal & Concrete5.
The customer can choose the products and the proposal is created on demand and sent to the
Sales rep for further processing or directly to the customer.

Field Sales Offline Support

Salesdriven is a web application with the unique ability to operate offline when needed.
This means you can fire up your laptop and have access to the complete application while offline.
So, yes, you can work on Salesdriven during a flight or while visiting a customer with no internet access.
When the laptop goes online, data will be synchronized to the SalesDriven Cloud.

Mobile sales

Want to make a sale while on the go? No problem! We got your back with our
android/ios native mobile application or web mobile application.

Easily access your customer base and place orders,all within a few seconds.

Sales & Business Processes Workflows

Designing your business processes visually helps you viewing things from a
different perspective. Salesdriven allows you to focus on the business,not on
the technology and allows you to lay down in diagram format the business
processes. Any step can be automated such as back-end processing,queuing,
sending emails, notifications, human input stage and bidirectional
communication with third party systems. For every step that requires human
input, SalesDriven controls access via the role based user management module.

Sales forecasting

SalesDriven enables the business management to forecast and create revenue
scenarios.Goals can be set using KPIs and be assigned on teams. Salesdriven allow
you pinpoint bottlenecks and problems by analyzing existing data and be proactive.
In addition,with SalesDriven you can create custom reports to drill down forecasts by
salespersons, jurisdiction,area and perform comparisons.