Business WorkFlow

Task & Project Management

With SalesDriven you can monitor tasks and projects. Team supervisors can assign tasks to

members and monitor while these are progressing. Reporting of projects is very intuitive

and gives to the management team the bird’s eye view of the projects. This module features

a collaborative chat application for group/private chats, file sharing, screen sharing,

Gantt Charts, Progress Tracking, Recurring Tasks, Task Planning & Scheduling, Task and Time

Tracking and Budget Allocation, Monitoring and Forecasting.

Business Processes & Custom Workflows

SalesDriven excels in implementing business process automation.

Processes in SalesDriven, consist of actionable steps and communication steps.

For example, a manager approves a purchase and the approval is communicated

to the purchasing offices for further processing. SD’s message broker engine

handles messaging events and allows the implementation of complex business processes.

Roles, Access Management & Assignments

SalesDriven competitive advantage lies in its core architecture which is based
on the Role Based User Management system. This means that for every data object,
permissions can be defined based on the role, group, or user. SalesDriven intra security is
airtight and access can be handled with ease, without the need of writing extra code.
SalesDriven User Management system is the centerpiece for all modules and integrations,
so the administrator can have comprehensive access control.

Reporting & Monitoring

One unique component found in SalesDriven is the FlexiGrid which resembles characteristics of the spreadsheet, thus allowing with a few clicks to create custom reports which can be saved and be automated.

The FlexiGrid has the ability to add/remove columns and save preset templates.

It features advanced data sorting, advanced grouping by, summing per group and total, advanced filtering per column, generic search, parallel search per column, search as you type, assigning sub-menus, granular access management per field, copying per field or column or selection of rows, selection send by email, what you see direct download to popular formats such as XLS, PDF, CSV.

Alerts & Notifications

SalesDriven allows the placing of alert objects for notifying the appropriate person or group. Whether is a transaction that exceeds a threshold, an account balance running low, a new status on a running business process or delayed tasks, SalesDriven helps you stay on top of the game with placements of alerts.

Document Management

SalesDriven offers a basic but powerful document management and integrates with

Google Drive, Google Docs, Microsoft One-Drive and Dropbox.

SalesDriven document management features

Venue & Event Management

SalesDriven features a comprehensive module for setting up and managing an event.

It allows to setup and sell tickets online via the customer portal and self-servicing forms.

Managing event related tasks becomes an intuitive process for the administrator.

SalesDriven can also help you manage hotel bookings and transportation services for your guests

via the administrative interface which can send emails to hotel and transportation suppliers.

In addition, this module is tightly integrated with cloud telephony, thus enabling call center

functionality, IVR setting and configuration and call monitoring and recording.

Rentals and Asset Tracking

SalesDriven RMS system helps you to manage easy rentals.
Whether is property of equipment SD can be implemented to fit your needs.