Lead & Opportunity Management

Intuitive Management of Leads

No matter what the sources are,leads are defined as objects that can be realized into sales. With this philosophy we allow you to feed the CRM core system with leads. You can build processes, automate & analyze these leads and create conclusive reports.

Contacts, Accounts, Entities Associate to Anything

The goals is customer acquisition and customer retention. Every entity, contract or account ends at the customer. If any Data from the customer can be a sale, our CRM is designed to let you know ahead of time. We helped telecom companies to automate promotion campaigns, when contracts of users with old cell phone models where close to expiration, to replace them with new models of the same brand. A preemptive tactic for customer retention that saved hundreds of workhours.

Opportunities Management

You have already made the first contacts and know the requirements requirements. There lies the opportunity to seal the deal. Our CRM helps track and manage the sales pipeline management or opportunity pipeline management. By using our adaptable workflow tool, we optimize the pipeline.

Increase your insights

Be informed on related factors that will help you close a deal or avoid pitfalls

Marketing Automation

Businesses face mounting challenges when it comes to modern digital marketing.
Management teams expect to see measurable results by their marketing teams.
Competitive marketing with tight budgets demand that optimized solutions come into effect.
This is where marketing automation platforms make all the difference and
bring value to the time and money invested in them.

This is why SalesDriven has chosen the globally leading platforms in MA to integrate with. If you don’t work with a MA platform already, our team of experienced advisors can help you choose the right platform for you.

In a recent study 42% said that the most significant barrier to MA success was the complexity of the system. SalesDriven can help you choose what is right for your business needs by focusing on solutions that are feature-complete, not feature-rich.

SalesDriven is integrated with

Customer Segmentation & Automation

SalesDriven features an advanced customer segmentation tool based on customer attributes, and the segmented group can be pushed to any marketing automation platform, thus saving work-hours in maintaining lists as the grow either on the MA or SD side.

Lists can be automatically created on preset schedules, by defined rules. Therefore, your segmented customer groups can be automatically updated with new customer additions or removals.

Therefore marketers save many work hours not having to update lists and doing repetitive data entry tasks.

Email Marketing

Marketing campaigning is made easy with SalesDriven.

We’ve connected with the best marketing platforms

worldwide to help you reach your customer-base easily.

Even if you don’t have a marketing team, email marketing is made easy with

Social Media Engagement

With a Social Media Management platform you can save time by managing all of your

social media marketing efforts and measure your ROI. SalesDriven is integrated with

the best and most mature SMM platforms so that you can easily manage all your social

profiles and automatically deploy scheduled social content.

Website Behavior Tracking & Analytics

SalesDriven provides the tools to effectively capture visitors info on your website.

Once visitor's information is captured, all website clicks are recorded in the CRM

so that you can better serve each customer based on their needs. So your future

campaigns can be personalized and to the point for each customer.

Landing Pages & Forms

Landing pages serve the purpose of driving visitors to specific content of interest.

SalesDriven provides this outlet by integrating with the top landing page building platforms.

You can build custom landing pages for any campaign by using a drag & drop designer

and reusing beautiful modern responsive components.

Loyalty Platform

Our loyalty platform module can be easily integrated with POS and other channels

to track every purchase and accumulate points. Rewards and promotions can be easily

automated. Furthermore, the Loyalty Platform Module offers an intuitive customer

portal where consumers can redeem and manage their points. In addition, the platform

features cross brand point redemption.

Physical Item Coupon Tracking

SalesDriven helps brands track coupons attached to goods when sold. The consumer

who has bought the item can redeem the coupon online and Salesdriven captures the

consumer's email or social media account which can be then be re-targeted with

further advertising.