Email Marketing

Email Marketing Made Easy

With SalesDriven you can leverage email marketing campaigns to inform,
engage and convert your customer leads.

SalesDriven offers custom marketing workflows to guide customers
through a personalized buying journey. You can guide the targeted
leads from their inbox to a landing page and track all their web behavior.

Drag & Drop Designer

Email marketing is made easy with the Drag & Drop email and landing page designers
offered by the integrated applications. Emails can be formed using ready made responsive
(mobile ready) templates from a template gallery so you don’t have to worry about the adaptability
of your email message on tablets or mobile devices.

Customer Segmentation

SalesDriven provides a comprehensive dashboard so that you can
monitor all your email campaigns with the integrated platform.
In addition, SalesDriven features an advanced customer segmentation tool
based on customer attributes, and the segmented group can be pushed
to any marketing automation platform, thus saving work-hours in
maintaining lists as the grow.

Email List Validation

One of the problems that businesses face when they deploy email
campaigns is the validity of their current email list. Email Service Providers
penalize and often ban source emails if they detect sending to invalid
email addresses. SalesDriven checks every email against the domain
server for validity without sending the email thus
producing a safe email list for campaigning.

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