Adaptation & Customization

Consulting & Onboarding

Many businesses, over time have acquired an arsenal of systems from different vendors to help them manage Sales, Customer Support, Business Processes, Digital Marketing and Social Media. The need to interconnect these systems within the business is a mountainous challenge. SalesDriven is a feature rich, modular web based CRM that takes central stage by bridging the gap between business software systems.

Our onboarding setup procedure lays the blueprint for the implementation requirements and needs of your business. Along with best and modern CRM practices we create together an ecosystem where your business will grow!

The competitive advantage of a SalesDriven lies in its core architecture,
it is an adaptive software-solution platform with high level of plasticity. This means that
customizations and integrations can be implemented relatively fast with less cost, compared
to the competition. Furthermore, SalesDriven does not have any dependencies on any
third party software licences, thus making it an attractive cost effective solution to the end


SalesDriven can be implemented for any business field. The architecture of The SalesDriven platform enables us putting the pieces together with agility. Once the blueprint of requirements and specifications is formed, SalesDriven can be assembled and be up and running in relatively little time. SalesDriven has a high level of plasticity and nothing is set in stone when it comes to user interface or adding functionality. If something does not fit the business it can be changed with much more ease and therefore less cost compared to competition.

SalesDriven has been developed with open source technologies and 100% of the source code developed belongsto SalesDriven. Therefore, there aren’t any dependencies or necessary third party licensing when reselling SalesDriven CRM. SalesDriven can be deployed and scale up on any cloud system, local infrastructure, on Linux and Windows servers.


SalesDriven is already integrated with third party platforms in the fields of Telephony, Marketing Automation and Social Media Management. See our Integrations page for detailed information.